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Main Monitor responding delayed when conencting to virtual Desktop via Citrix Receiver over Storefront

Sebastian Keller




I'm a Citrix newbie so pls be kind if I may ask some "stupid" questions, but if stumbled upon an issue which i can't seem to resolve and also couldn't find any solutions online.


I'm working on a Win 10 Image to deploy on our Clients. The Image OS is Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803.

As for Citrix Software - Citrix Receiver 4.9 LTSR is used - to be precise Citrix Receiver 14.9.4000.9. Citrix HDX Real Time Media Engine 2.4 is also installed to get Microsoft Skype for Business to work in the virtual enivronment.


Now to get to the problem:


I'm connecting to the Virtual Desktops over Citrix Storefront which is located in our Intranet of course. We use Citrix SSON to connect and everything works perfectly fine UNTIL the connection to the virtual Desktop is actually established.

We are using dual Monitor Setup, when the conenction is established the MAIN monitor seems to freeze. What i worked out is, that if u klick anywhere on the main Monitor, the command actually goes through - it just seems to take about 10 seconds.

So i can klick minimize on a opened folder or something -  but it gets minimized like 10 seconds later. The Second Monitor works perfectly fine. If I switch the main Monitor to second Monitor and reconenct the session on the local Machine - the other one stops working and the Monitor that responded delayed now works perfectly.


It seems that any Monitor that is set to be the Main monitor is responding to actions very delayed.

I checked the local Graphics and Chipset drivers, which are up to date. The local Client is a Fujitsu Q 556 Desktop.


EDIT: If i put the session in windowed mode, both Screens work fine - as soon as i put it back in fullscreen mode, the Main Monitor is delayed again.


As mentioned above i already searched for this issue online but couldnt quite find people with similar issues, so if any ideas are given, i would highly apreciate that!






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16 hours ago, Scott Newton said:

The only time we have issues with VDIs on multiple screens is if they are not both set to "100% (Recommended)" scale.  If they are not set the same, we see all kinds of weird stuff happen.



i actually found a fix together with Citrix Support. The Inel Graphics Driver had problems when the Hardware Acceleration in Citrix Client GPO was activated, which created this issue.

Deactivating the Hardware AcceleratioN Settings in the GPO fixed it. This however, is not recommended when using Graphical Intense Apllications in Citrix i was told.

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Are there any instructions on how to deactivate hardware acceleration?

I have a similar issue. I connect remotely through Citrix using multiple monitors. When I use my older Lenovo Ideapad, both monitors work fine (even though they are different sizes as far as pixels although neither one is using scaling). However, when I try to do the same thing on a newer HP computer (as well as I had tried on a newer Lenovo computer), one of the monitors lags and does not refresh the screen (essentially the display freezes even though I am moving stuff around). Sometimes this can last 10 seconds or more. So, it seems that there is some kind an issue with certain graphics cards or settings, since it works fine on my older laptop using multiple monitors but not two newer laptops. Any advice on how to fix this? None of the monitors are using scaling. I just downloaded the most recent version of Citrix on my personal laptop.

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