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Director Logon Performance - Authentication timing




We see a strange thing in Director. When looking at the logon performance for a session, the authentication section varies extremely depending on the VDA the user logon to. When logging on to a VDA that is located in the same vlan as the director and controllers, the authentication step is reported 0,14 sec. When logging on to a VDA that resides in another vlan, the authentication step is reported 11 sec on average.


When the user launch the application, the time it takes feels the same for both vlans. However, the reporting in Director is off (my suspicion, the logon duration may be a few seconds longer, but not 10 seconds more as reported by Director).


Any ideas on whats wrong? Are we troubleshooting a false positive when looking at the authentication performance?

CVAD 1811
FAS 1811
VDA - Windows Server 2012R2
Director 1811

2 vlans: 1 with Director, DDC and VDAs, and 1 with only VDAs

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Hi @omik81,


It could be a possibility that the authentication while connecting to another vlan could be higher, however high variations are unlikely.

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the logon duration for both the sessions, this will give us understanding of other factors like brokering, vm start, HDX connection, authentication, GPO's, profile load etc that contribute to logon duration. 



Vikas Hiremath

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