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Suggestion: Add a feature to add programs to autostart up folder (User controlled)

Martin Munk Mouritsen




So first off - Wonderful program :)

And wonderful "Self service program" that is in the WEM agent.


However i would love to see the following addition (and its not insanely complex if i have to say).

In the application self service program there is a possibility to update any application you have access to

So like "Pin to start menu" , Place on desktop, taskbar ect.


However what i am missing is the ability to add it to the "Autostartup" folder in Windows.

We have a lot of users who places programs they use all the time in the autostart up. Outlook, ERP, Excel ect

Manually this is a rather pain - have to copy paste a shortcut to the autostartup folder - just not very user friendly.


Check screenshot for understanding - Please make it better then what i have done though :)


Seeing as WEM already knows the shortcut, and can place it on the desktop, it sounds like a fairly easy thing to add a check box saying "Auto Startup" in the "Manage Application" Program.


So what i want the check mark to do is to copy paste a shortcut link to the "Shell:Startup" folder

So basicly the same as the desktop checkmark - that copies a shortcut to the "Shell:Desktop" folder :)



Thanks in advance

(I know its doable in the WEM console, but that affects every user , and i want a feature so its user controllable)




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Great idea - the risk you run there is the effect to users logon times - WEM is all about optimizing that, my fear there is that you then allow users to break their own logon experience - you want it flagged so that WEM actions the auto Start rather than it going into the usual places that we strip things out of - will pass this through and see if Citrix can take it under consideration

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Was also looking for this feature. Optimal would be if I can grant a user the right to add an application to AutoStart through the Manage applications dialog or not. As James outlined allowing users to move all their assigned apps to AutoStart wouldn't be a wise idea in a shared environment. But in the field more often than not it's exactly the other way round. Means we define AutoStart (for ex. Jabber or Skype) but some users don't need it and have to close the app every time. Yes one could create separate groups and shortcuts for it, but why should I bother to micromanage this stuff centrally when the user could just turn it off by himself.

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