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XenApp 7.15 CU2 and CU3 - Grey logon Screen - HDX Adaptive Transport

Denis Nielsen1709154012



Have upgraded some server from 7.15 CU1 to CU2 and CU3, including PVS.

This give me an issue for some client, when they work at some internet connection (at home, works fine on an 3G connection and at work).

When they logon the screen just gets grey screen, and nothing happens, if I disabled HDX Adaptive Transport it logon just fine.


If I logon to an server running 7.15 CU1, they logon fine with HDX Adaptive Transport enabled.


So for me it looks like an bug in CU2 and CU3, when users have an special internet connection, any other seen this problem?


Other details:

Delivery Controller and Storefront running 7.15 CU1

PVS running 7.15 CU3

Netscaler/ADC running NS11.1 56.19.nc

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