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WEM - mapping network drive with %variable%

Milan Jesberger1709160131


hi, i'm trying to convert gpp's into WEM , our corporate drive mapping utilizes %variable% in location which gets it's value from LDAP query using extensionAttribute2 value. if user extensionAttribute2=fileserver1 than the location should resolve to \\fileserver1\groupdir.




can WEM work with such setup? all of my attempts failed so far. has anyone had luck setting this up?



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Hi - As per your message, try it this way


in WEM - create an environmental variable. Give it a Name, Description and then set your Variable name as GROUPDIR set the value as [ADAttribute:extensionAttribute2]


Then create a drive mapping action and specify the path as the variable %GROUPDIR%


This is assumes that your extensionAttribute2 value is something like \\Server\Share


You can play around with the values as required


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13 hours ago, Carlos Vilardell1709161700 said:

Hi James, 

I'm trying to configure more or less the same but using the SID attribute from the user account : [ADAttribute:SID] without success to put it into a registry key. Do you know what it can happen? Is it a must to have the powershell module ActiveDirectory enabled into the client where I want to get it working?

Thanks in advance,




use the exact attribute name objectSid

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