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DNS rewrite policy problem

Ihar Harbuz

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Good day.

I already have running DNS proxy configuration.

Now I need response concrete A record for request for domain "test.org" an source IP


I do:

add rewrite action a-rw-garant-ntp replace_dns_answer_section "DNS.NEW_RRSET_A(\"\",300)"
add rewrite policy p-rw-garant-ntp "DNS.RES.QUESTION.DOMAIN.EQ(\"test.org.\")" a-rw-garant-ntp
It's OK


add rewrite policy p-rw-garant-ntp1 "CLIENT.IP.SRC.EQ(" a-rw-garant-ntp
ERROR: Invalid argument

And consequently, when I try to do:

add rewrite policy p-rw-garant-ntp1 "CLIENT.IP.SRC.EQ(\"test.org.\")" a-rw-garant-ntp

I get "ERROR: Invalid argument"


How can I create policy for filtering both DNS domain and source IP?

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