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Cant uninstall StoreFront 3.14.


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I´ve followed this - How to unintall StoreFront





But Im getting the folllowing errror message:

Error Id: XDMI:233198D8

    Citrix.MetaInstaller.Exceptions.MetaInstallerException 'Citrix.DeliveryServices.Install.Uninstall.exe' could not be removed and returned error 0xFFFFFFFF.
       at Citrix.MetaInstaller.Server.Components.StoreFrontComponent.Remove(InstallationContext context)
       at Citrix.MetaInstaller.InstallationManager.RemoveComponent(IInstallableComponent component, InstallationContext installContext)


I´m ended up in a total uninstal and install again after I deleted some stores and added some new ones. After that 

propagation failed all the time , then I decided a total new fresh install of the same version 3.14 on the two same load balanced servers.


Have also tried:

-Citrix article how to reset StoreFront to the factory settings

(but it´s still the same problem, cant uninstall)


Have not tried yet is:

-Uninstalling SF using msfixit

But I´m afraid there will be crap left so I cant reinstall Citrix StoreFront




I really appreciate your answer.





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-Citrix article how to Reset StoreFront to the factory settings
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