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Windows 2016 Shared Desktop Grey Screen on login

Nick Holman1709158804



we h ave a bizarre issue with a grey screen. Citrix support have no idea and after 3 months of back and forth i have closed the case due to getting no where.


Our setup is this:

All Xen infrastructure running as VM's in azure. Version is at 1808.2 (virtual apps and desktops)

The VDA is at 1811.1 and running Windows Server 2016 1607

Netscaler running on azure also but the issue happens either via netscaler or storefront.

Client running workspace app 1812


I can initiate a log onto to the shared desktop and its hit and miss whether i get a grey screen or not. i would say 3 times out 5 i will get a grey screen. I cannot send a crrl alt delete and looking at studio i can see the user is logged in and running. I disconnect and then reconnect and bam i get the vda dekstop as intended.

I cannot for the life of me see where the issue is. Procmon isnt throwin up anything either since it is actually logged in but the receover end is grey.


Not sure if anyone has seen this before or have any ideas of what this could be? Is it a HDX problem or graphics problem? 

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I have this same issue. I think it's related to DTLS. I'm putting a ticket in tonight. If I use Receiver Enterprise, it works, but I have an issue where it's slow to type. If I use Workspace 1812 through netscaler (with DTLS disabled) everything works fine.


I found this article: https://www.carlstalhood.com/receiver-for-windows/comment-page-2/ where I think we need to use the GPO to enable Deprecated Cipher Suites.


I will update if I am successful. 

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