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Remote PC - Issues with AppV applications after upgrade to VDA 7.15.3

Scott Marshall


Hello, I have a few machines that have run into this issue and I am unable to permanently resolve it.


Physical Windows 10 desktops running 1803 and VDA 7.15.1 for Remote PC access.  An issue with the montiors sleeping on reboot occured after applying January 2019 MS updates.  It was then that I realized that the VDA was not compatible with 1803 so I upgraded to CU3 (VDA and DDCs).  The CU3 VDA corrected this issue with the monitors sleeping on reboot.


A handful of machines have found that after the reboot required with the VDA update, AppV shortcuts no longer launch - they point to %localappdata%\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration and all of the folders within are inaccessible until the user uninstalls and reinstalls the application (AppV apps are deployed via SCCM software center - Available Deployments),  


THe next day this will occur again requiring the user to reinstall the apps.  Has any else heard of this or run into it?  I will also hit the MS forums with this.



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Hello, I have found that the issue is being caused by the "Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA" component of the VDA.  On machines where this component was installed with the 7.15.1 VDA, AppV apps were not having an issue however after upgrading to VDA 7.15.3 , AppV applications do not launch and the folders located in %localappdata%\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration are inaccessible.

I have tested by removing this component using MsiExec.exe /X{6F340081-B168-453F-9D01-642CE5A01535}.  This does not fix the broken applications however once the apps are reinstalled after removing this component, they remain working after rebooting the workstation.

I am opening a case with Citrix to discuss and see if this is an issue with the new agent or an issue with my configuration.  I will provide an update if anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading,


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10 minutes ago, Jason Knott said:

I'm seeing this issue as well, did you have any luck with Citrix Support? In my case its the same symptoms but version 7.16 -> 7.18 on server 2012 R2

Hey, sorry for not updating this a while ago.  I resolved this by disabling the CtxAppVService service on workstations where it was enabled during the VDA installation.  Once this was disabled, I believe the AppV applications needed to be reinstalled however the issue does not re-occur once the service is disabled.

Hope this helps your issue.

Thanks ~Scott

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