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Screensaver not working on XenDesktop Windows 7

Michael Borek


Hello everyone,


we have since a long time the issue that Windows 7 Desktops are not activating screensaver after a couple of minutes.


We currently have 7.13 LTS  in use and the installed receiver is 


What I checked:


We have the following GPO rules:




Registry Key 

HKLM\Software\Citrix\Graphics\SetDisplayRequiredMode = 0


checked powerrequests: 

powercfg /requestsoverride PROCESS picaDispMgr.exe DISPLAY



Nothing helped.



Any ideas what else I could try?

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Hi GWizard,


The version of receiver you are using is quite old and the version you have provided for XD Controllers is not LTSR.

XD 7.6 LTSR is compatible with receiver 4.4 LTSR

XD7.15 LTSR is compatible with receiver 4.9 LTSR


With regards to screensaver, all you need is the following:

You can change the seconds value to 120 so that it will kick in in 2 minutes.







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Gosh... I hate that when this website isn't sending the answers, because of recaptcha..


I wanted to answer you, but it didn't post it.


I am still on it to test it. I updated the receiver, but no luck yet. Still same issue. I have to add some settings, because the Receiver is not doing what I want him to.

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On 2/12/2019 at 12:32 PM, Michael Borek said:

I found something, but that doesn't solve my problem. 


Seems like the Screensaver only works, when you connect to the VM via VMWare Remote Console. 


You can enumerate the processes using "powercfg.exe /requests".

In my case it was "GfxMgr.exe" instead of "picaDispMgr.exe" (using 1903 VDA).

So executing "powercfg /requestsoverride PROCESS GfxMgr.exe DISPLAY" (elevated) works for me (without setting the regkey specified in ctx kb).




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