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Demonstrating ICA and Network Latency Effects: Approaches



I've been using WANEM a lot lately to demo to mgmt. the effect of packet loss/latency/bandwith to Citrix session performance. It works really well and mgmt. are finally starting to see why I have been campaigning for the network team to stop buying expensive large bandwith links for Citrix and focus on latency for user session. We are LAN connected with 100 MB links min and certain user session run poorly. It has nothing to do with bandwidth :)


Anyways, I have been demoing the effects of network conditions to the teams using a few things:


 -  Web Page with click button that updates the time and number of times its been clicked, This work well to demo latency as button clocks back up

 -  Simple C# clock that ticks 100 ms and shows screen not keeping up

 -  Printing slow down on bandwidth constrained link

 -  Voice degradation with packet loss


Anyone else got some good demos they use?

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