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HDX Realtime Connector 2.7 not compatible in Director on Server 2019 with VDA 18.11

Dominik Schmidt




i just started to create a PoC with Microsoft Server 2019 and Virtual Apps and Desktops 18.11.


Everything works a bit smoother then on Microsoft Server 2016 and the 7.15 LTSR Build, but now i want to install Skype for Business with the HDX Realtime Optimazition Pack 2.7.


The HDX Realtime Connector 2.7 is installed on the Microsoft Server 2019 with VDA 18.11. If i start Skype the HDX Realtime Connector didnt showes up in the taskbar. Additinal the Citrix Director said on the User Session "Real Time Optimazation Pack: Channel on the VDA is incompatible"


At the Clientside i use the Citrix Workspace App 1812 with the HDX Realtime Media Engine 2.7.


Anyone got an Idee with this?

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I have nearly the same major variables that you do (Server 19, RTOP 2.7, VDA 1811).  I was able to get the RTC to show up in the taskbar... however, the issue that I am having on my setup is that it constantly connects and disconnects over and over.  I am curious where you got the message about "Channel on the VDA is incompatible" in the Director.

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Hi, did anyone every find the cause for the 'channel incompatible on this VDA' message in director? im using SFB and HDX is working perfectly for the people who have it installed but it would be nice to see from director if a user has this or not without getting them to check the tray icon each time? This previously worked im not sure what has changed, latest versions of citrix / office etc. Thanks 

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