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Windows Update KB4480976 causes Pagefile Problems...

Robert Madrian




We use XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR with PVS 7.15 and after applying Microsoft Patch KB4480976 it seems there is a problem with the Pagefile redirection…

after login on I get the power options dialog on the screen (see Pagefile.jpg attached)

If I go to the Pagefile setting I see that there is no Pagefile set...


this only happens if Patch KB4480976 is applied - after removing this patch everything works


can anybody confirm this (if yes I will open a support call to Citrix)?


regards robert


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11 hours ago, vanderhof said:

Sounds very good. Any chance of "borrowing" the private fix from you? :10_wink:

Unfortunately it was seriously a test install.  I had to make the OS changes to allow test signing so it's in no form that could be used outside of that.  They are now aware that it resolved my issue so they should be releasing a hotfix at some point.  If they release a private one that requires contacting support I'll update here.

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7 minutes ago, Phil Reeves1709156734 said:

I have an open case with Microsoft however they have stated that they are not aware of the issue.  Any chance  that you'd have a Hotfix ID or anything related that might help point Microsoft in the right direction? @Tony Kelly

There isn't a hotfix number or anything at this point.  But in my case I pointed them straight back to this thread.  That seemed to be enough for them.

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This problem does not only occur on Windows 10 1803. We also encounter this error on 1809 and 1709 with recent patches. I haven't circled the exact patch yet but it must be located somewhere after November 2018. For example Windows 10 1709 works fine with KB4467686  (Build 16299.785) but i get the error after applying KB4480978 (Build 16299.904). So this bug occurs in some Hotfix between those two.

I will try the Hotfixes step by step the next few days and report the outcome here.


Important to notice : Not only 1803 is affected

https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX241494 states : "After installing Microsoft update KB4480976 on a provisioned Windows 10 v1803, 'Performance Options' popup may appear with no paging file set. This issue is not seen with other versions of Windows 10." which is wrong !

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