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Keyboard and Mouse stop working

Ricardo Diogo




I'm having a problem regarding keyboard and mouse. Sometimes when a user is connected to a Citrix session, the mouse and keyboard stop working inside the VDI session, but works perfectly in the physical workstation. This forces the user to at least disconnect or logoff the session and then connect again. Is there a known cause for this to happen?


Citrix Receiver: 4.12

Citrix VDA: 7.15.2000


Best regards,

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we have the same problem with a customer when the session is disconnected and he reconnects, mouse and keyboard stop working.

On the physical workstation mouse and keybord works perfekt.

We have a shared Desktop.


XenApp 7.15 CU4
Receiver > 4.9.1000
WorkspaceApp = 1905 


Best regards

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I have seen similar issue.

We have persistent desktop with VDA 1912 CU1

As most of the users are remote unable to narrow it down to specific Workspace version.



Keyboard and mouse does not work. The desktop and other contents are visible. The time also changes inside the desktop.

So for some reason only the keyboard and mouse does not work.

The issue is rare affects very few users. But for them it is recurring.

Some times a disconnect and reconnect just fixes it. 


Could it have something to do with Adaptive transport being enabled.

On checking the session details in director I can see the Protocol in use as UDP
If I launch the same Desktop after disabling HDXoverUDP mouse and keyboard works just fine.


Has anyone noticed the same?

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