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Citrix Hypervisor / Xenserver versions comparison

Adam Weremczuk1709160553



I'm looking up to date chart (from the past few months) highlighting key differences (features, limitations, OS support etc.) between:
- product versions 6.0 all the way to 7.6 (or whatever the latest is),
- free vs standard vs premium editions (features and pricing).
As opposed to hundreds of pages of scattered PDF documents or outdated charts.
I'm quite surprised there is not even a basic Wiki page.

Please advise.


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16 hours ago, Andy Melmed1709155373 said:

You'll find XenServer feature comparison matrices for the latest LTSR (7.1) and CR (7.6) releases at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenserver/7-1/downloads/feature-matrix.pdf and https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/product-overview/citrix-xenserver-feature-matrix.pdf, respectively.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the links. My follow up questions below:
1. Can I still obtain LTSR (7.1) and continue using free features (e.g. Active Directory integration) subsequently removed from free editions as per:
https://xenserver.org/blog/entry/xenserver-7-3-changes-to-the-free-edition.html ?

2. Does LTSR 7.1 support Windows Server 2019 guests?
3. Are there any per VM resource limitations coming with any 7.x version (free or paid)? E.g. free ESXi limits vCPUs count to 8.
4. How much are standard and premium licenses and how are they calculated? Per host, per physical CPU, physical core etc?



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Will try to field these questions meanwhile before Andy gets back and chimes in/corrects anything I've said:


1. Not sure if LTSR 7.1 is still available or not ... good question. My guess would be as long as a newer release has not yet come out, it ought to be.

2. Support  for Windows Server 2019 is available in technical preview on XS 7.6.

3. No.

4. License cost is per socket (physical CPUs). If you have a dual-core server, you need two licenses two sockets, a quad CPU server requires four.




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Here are the answers to your questions:


1. Yes, 7.1 LTSR is still available (Standard and Enterprise editions continue to be eligible for technical support) and you will be able to use all the features that were available in the Free edition of 7.1. 7.1 LTSR will continue to be supported until the next LTSR release. For more information on the XenServer product LifeCycle, please visit https://www.citrix.com/support/product-lifecycle/milestones/citrix-hypervisor.html

2. No, 7.1 LTSR does not support Windows Server 2019 guest OSes.

3. No, there are no specific VM resource restrictions planned at this time.

4. As Tobias mentioned in his reply, licensing is per socket. Specifically, XenServer is licensed on a per-populated socket basis. For example, if a customer has a physical server with four sockets and only two of the sockets have CPUs installed, XenServer must be licensed for two sockets. For the cost of a socket license, please visit the Citrix Online Store at https://store.citrix.com/store/citrix/en_US/pd/ThemeID.37713000/productID.315979800 or contact your Citrix Sales Representative.


Thank you Tobias for responding to Adam's questions.


Thank you,



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16 hours ago, Andy Melmed1709155373 said:

Firstly thanks to everyone for answering my questions and all the useful info.

Unfortunately pricing remains a mystery which usually means bad news.
I think I selected standard perpetual license for 2 sockets with 1 year of support.
I'm not going to commit to anything and proceed past this screen still not knowing the price!
Screenshot attached.



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