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Content Swithcing issues

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Hi guys

me and colleague of mine are working on CS.

we have a CS Vserver dispatching request between many LB VS based on a path in the URL.

If App1 ---> server1

if App2 -- > server



CS VS , LB VS and LB services are all listening in SSL


On the CS VS I have a policy per application. You have a Policy example "CS_POL_01" in attachments


To each LB VS, I've binded 2 req rewrite Policies LB_POL_REQ_RW_01 and LB_POL_REQ_RW_02 and one resp rewrite policy LB_POL_RES_RW_01. See attached for policies and Actions configuration


Now our issue is that once the user is connected to one application (LB VS), he can neither connect to other applications because all request are redirected to the first LB VS although the Path contains other application name (App2 or App3..;)



Many thanks for your help





req rewrite .PNG

req rewrite pol .PNG

req rw pol 2.PNG

requ rw Act 2.PNG

Res rw.PNG

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