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citrix workspace could not verify the specified server or email address error code 443

Chris Gundry


Hey all,


We have:

NetScaler GW v12.057.24

SF 3.12

HTML receiver

XD 7.15 LTSR CU1.


We have external access using Wyse thin clients, windows fat clients using web and full receiver and mobile devices using the mobile receiver app. This was all setup middle of last year and working well, eventually.


Recently I have noticed that the mobile receiver isn't working on our Android devices anymore and I don't know why it would be. The error we get is:

citrix workspace could not verify the specified server or email address error code 443


However, if I try it on an iPhone it seems to work fine... So as its working on iPhone I assume the NetScaler config etc is all OK, which makes sense as I don't think anything has changed. But why is it not working on Android? I can't seem to find anything online about error 443 for the receiver.


Any help appreciated!



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FYI, we seem to have solved this by setting the NetScaler Gateway within the StoreFront to use 'Domain & Security Token' instead of just 'Domain'. We had it set this way because a reseller told us was all that was required because the NSG did the auth, so SF didn't need to have this setting in place.


Hope this helps someone else!

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15 hours ago, Juan Luis Delgado Fernández said:

I have the same problem. How can I configure Domain & Security Token instead of just domain? I don't use Security Token...




If you don't use security tokens/2FA then you don't need that setting enabled in storefront. If you do use tokens then you need to go into the netscaler gateway settings in the storefront, authentication options and configure it to be 'domain + token'.

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