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Black Screen with multiple monitors

Matthew Riddler



I have a xenapp server running 7.15 on Windows 2012 R2.

The user has a laptop with 2 external monitors. When the user opens a published application with 3 screens on the citrix receiver just shows as a black screen.

When opening the application with just 2 screens used it launches fine, but adding the 3rd screen puts it over the limit.


I would have got around this on the old version by specifying a resolution on the application, but cannot do this with v7.x


It sounds like the memory limit on the users session is being reached. This is set to the default. From reading other forums then this is configurable by Citrix policy. But I cannot see which policy needs to be applied.


The video memory assigned to virtual machine (setting within VMware) is 64MB.





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Good day!


Wondering if you had any luck figuring this out, Matt.  A similar issue has recently been brought to my attention.  All is well when using 4.4.3000 LTSR Receiver on the Windows 7 client device, but going to a 4.9.x LTSR Receiver results in black screen behavior when opening a published app--2012 R2 on the VDA, 7.15 CU2 environment.


I had increased the Citrix policy "Display Memory Limit" previously, to resolve a different issue with multiple monitors--up'd from the default to 67584 (66*1024).  And that had been enough to address that situation.  But in testing for the current problem, modifying the Display Memory Limit did not seem to resolve the issue.


We are still investigating other avenues to see if we can find a solution.




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Hello Jonathan,


I did eventually get this resolved but it was a bit of a strange fix. The issue was we were only seeing the issue on windows 10. So if you are thin client this may not help.

I was changing screen resolution etc using the built in windows 10 screen res changer (it is locked on my machine & cannot remember the exact name), right click on desktop.

When I changed the resolution with the proper tool, in my case 'intel graphics settings' even though the 3 screens had different resolution I was able to launch applications without issue, no more black screen.




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