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Normal.dotm synchronization issues (W10/7.15 LTSR)

Nick Panaccio


I've got a weird issue with synchronizing the Normal.dotm template after an initial change. Let me explain my scenario:


  1. User logs into the published desktop, changes the default font in Word 2016, then logs off
  2. User logs into the desktop (changes in step 1 were sync'd), changes the font again, and then logs off
  3. User logs into the desktop, opens Word and sees that the changes in step 2 have not been carried over. The font is the same as the one they changed it to in step 1
  4. If the user logs into the desktop again, right-clicks on the Normal.dotm template in his local profile on the VDA and removes a property from the file itself (like 'Last saved by') and logs off, the template will actually sync to his Citrix profile


This only happens in our Windows 10 1709/XD 7.15 LTSR CU2 environment. It sync's correctly in our older Windows 7/XD 7.6 FP3/CPM 5.8 environment. What I ended up doing was adding AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates to the Folders to Mirror policy.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues with multiple edits to the Word template not syncing in Citrix?

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