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Move Elastic Layers to a new Share

Roger Stuart1709157773


I can't find any information on the steps for moving my Elastic layers to a new share.  I assume I would need to change the path under the Default Storage location on the ELM to point to the new share.  


Once I set up the new share with the correct perms, do I just copy the layers over?

Do I need to copy over all the JSON Files as well or will they get recreated by the ELM automatically? 

Do I need to republish my images after copying?


I already moved my O365 User layers to the new share.  When I tried copying them to the new location they would not attach at logon so I just started with new layers. 

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We were just talking about this over here, too:




For your questions:


0. The "Storage Locations" under the System tab are only for the User Layers, so they won't help, not even the default Storage Location.  The place to configure the share for Elastic Layers is in System, Settings and Configuration, Network File Server.  After you change that, you must republish your image so it will look in the correct path.  If you don't tell the image to look in the new path, it won't be able to figure out what layers it's entitled to anyway.


1. Yes, copying the layers over is the right thing to do.  I think there's an internal function somewhere that can trigger a re-copy of any missing layers, but I'd have to make you go open a case to try to figure that out.  Just copy stuff. 


2. Copy the JSON files.  They will get automatically recreated the next time you adjust an assignment, and once a day, but why wait?  Just copy them, since you're copying everything else too.  For as long as they're not there, you won't be able to identify your assigned layers.


3. Yes, you need to republish.  You might be able to force the change with a GPO to update the right registry key, but just republishing is easier, and how it's designed.


As for the O365 layers, I bet they didn't work because you only set the default User Layers folder.  But since you'd moved the files to the new share, when your image booted up and looked at the old share, it couldn't read shares.json or shareassignments.json to even find out where the new share was, so it was consistently looking in the wrong place.

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