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Advice needed: Hypervisor 7.3 --> 7.6 upgrade method

Tom Rule


Feel free to call me confused!


We have a [licensed] 2-servers-in-a-pool setup, both running 7.3.


I've nosed around the support docs about upgrading, but can't get a handle on the best process for getting our rig to 7.6.


I see in XenCenter there's "upgrade" versus "Rolling Upgrade". Other articles I've seen mention popping the install optical in the drive and upgrading that way. Perhaps my coffee consumption is too low, but I can't get a mental handle on this.


Under "Upgrade" I do see the 7.4 AND the 7.5 upgrade as options. I presume 7.6 would be available once I'm off 7.3.


Here's some details:

  • 2 servers in a pool.
  • There's enough room on either server to run all of the critical VMs we need.
  • I can't take the full rig down, but can certainly migrate from one server to the other. We're a small outfit, so that's not a massive hassle.


So any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!



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Direct update or upgrade from XenServer 7.3 to 7.6 is not tested or supported. This is because 7.3 was no longer in support when 7.6 was released. You will have to go via one of the intervening current releases and have two upgrade steps (e.g. 7.3-->7.4-->7.6  OR 7.3-->7.5-->7.6). XenServer 7.6 will become visible as an option in XenCenter after the first upgrade.


If you have an Enterprise Edition license, you can use rolling pool upgrade to do this for you and that will handle migrating your VMs around and doing things in the right order: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xencenter/current-release/upgrade.html


If you don't have Enterprise Edition (or if you'd prefer this method), you can use the update mechanism in XenCenter to apply 7.4 and then 7.6: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xencenter/current-release/updates-applying.html. But you have to migrate your VMs off manually and be sure to update the pool master first.


Most important thing = Update your XenCenter first (avail here https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-hypervisor/ ) before using XenCenter to do your XenServer updates.





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Even w/o high availability, you should ensure that you have enough resources available to run all your important VMs if one of them goes down. Your choices to fix this are (1) add more memory/storage to be able to fit and run all your critical VMs if one server goes down, which might also involve configuring balloon memory as at least something that mught help, or (2) buy another server and add it to the pool so that you will have adequate capacity.



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