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Ralf Grashoff



we´ve got 6x DL3690G9 with Xenserver 7.1CU1 running... since one year all is fine. The VMs are stored on local ssd-storage.

Now i´ve made a rolling pool upgrade from 7.1CU1 to 7.1CU2... and now i´ve got much trouble with the performance (freezing screens mit Xenapp 7.15.3000)... is there an easy way back to 7.1CU1?

Or do i have to do a clean install?

Or does anybody know about problems with the performance?


Best regards,


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I´ve called Citrix - and now i´m waiting for response... the hotline said "we´ve got a new support system and its working now not so we thought".

Now I spend Dom0 more memory (from 4 to 8 GB) and try a snapshot from the golden-vm with the drivers from CU1.

And i´ve got a report... 260 MB. I can generate a new report with which options enabled?



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No backing out; you'd have to do a clean install.

I am curious as I just upgraded multiple pools to XS 7.1 CU2 from CU1 and see no such issues. Are your BIOS/firmware updates current on your servers? Running also XenApp 7.15 and do not see any such problems on our end. We have different HW, though (Dell servers). Do you have a support contract with Citrix? I'd definitely contact them. Have you run a Server Status Report?



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