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Display Options not available in Citrix Workspace App

Thomas Christen1709160512


I'm struggling with this since ever. Previously with the former Receiver App and an older iPad Air and now still with the latest iPad Pro 2018 12.9 and the latest Workspace App. I'm using only the official lightning and now USB-C adapter from Apple for HDMI.


I can logon to my desktop and everything works fine. I can use my X1 mouse, my keyboard. But the last step to get rid of my desktop computer, using the external display I can't get any further. Regardless if I connect an external monitor prior or after having connected to my desktop, only the mirror image of my iPad is shown on the monitor. I've also not found a possibility to get to the Display Options (as described in the Citrix Help). No matter if a monitor is connected or not. In order to get to the list of options, I start the workspace app and tap "Erste Schritte" (first steps) on the initial screen. I then can touch on the three dots (...) on uper right corner and choose "Einstellungen" (settings) and then tap on "Erweitert" (extended). It then shows me a list of settings. There is however nothing related to display options. And the "Wireless TrackPad" is grayed out.


I was thinking of the Admin could have disabled the screen features, but since I'm not even within a session, I can hardly believe that at this stage this would have an impact as it's just the plain App from the Appstore on my own iPad.


Any idea?

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We verified the Display options on R1 , CR01 and CWA 1811 app, the options to change Display resolution is always shown under Advanced Settings and is visible only once an account is added.

External Display is toggled on by default and this will just mirror the iPad on to the monitor, there is another option for Presentation Mode which when toggled on will utilise the full screen size but not resolution of an external monitor, this will be an enhancement request to utilise the resolution of an external monitor.

Another important point here is if you are trying to launch the app from the Web through ICA default settings will be applied and here Presentation mode will be toggled off, so full screen will not be utilised.If we need to change display options in this scenario, we will have to bring the Display options out to settings available even before account addition. All these will be enhancement requests.

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Many thanks for getting back so quickly. 


Since with this app I'm only a user, I don't know, what ICA means. But presumably you are referring to exactly the use case my employer has chosen which is that I first need to go to a website, enter my creentials, tokens etc. and then getting something downloaded which when I click on it, opens the receiver and starts the session. Also when I get out of the session, I can't get back and have to start again via the above mentioned website.


In other words I do not have added an account. Hence not getting the settings.


In order to become a killer app, it would be necessary to have the ability of using the external display to it's max resolution and size i.e. catching up with the other receiver apps on the Win and Mac devices. This would finally allow to completly abandon the laptop which otherwise is still used a thumb terminal to do the exact same. Why having to cary two devices?


If necessary, how can I make such an enhancement request?




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