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Drop downs in Outlook when using Workspace 1812 for Mac not working

Murray Culligan


Good morning.  I've upgraded to the latest Citrix Workspace for Mac 1812 and while the sluggishness seems to be fixed, when using Outlook 2013 (I think it's 2013) and click the drop downs to select dates in calendar/tasks/etc., the drop down appears them immediately closes.  The work around for dates is to type in the date but that's less than ideal.


Is this my system or a bug?


Any help would be appreciated.





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On 7/1/2019 at 8:53 AM, Arpit Vijayvargiya said:

We have a fix ready for this issue. Fix will be included in next release of Citrix Workspace app for Mac.

Good morning!

OK, but what are we doing in the meantime? Uninstall and reinstall version 1809?

Isn't there any workaround already available. Without the possibility of using MS Dropdowns Workspace is useless for all people using MS-apps.

Thanks for an answer asap!


Regards and thanks for your efforts!


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3 hours ago, Arpit Vijayvargiya said:

Hi Andreas,


For time being, you have to rollback to version 1809 by uninstalling version 1812 and reinstalling version 1809. Once new version is released, you can start using it.






Thanks Arpit,


I did so, but not very fond of that version either, as under many opened windows the windows use to be somehow doubled.

hope the new version will be issued quickly!


Thanks for your efforts!


Best regards


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20 hours ago, Murray Culligan said:



The bug seems to have returned in 1903 in a different form: The drop down opens OK but doesn't permit me to choose another date, it just closes.


Getting weird double windows too.


Going to go back to 1901 until it's fixed.


-Arpit,  I have also seen this return in 1903 in a different form, similar to Murman's description. 

In some of our web applications, some of the drop down menus will expand when selected, however, when you choose an option from the selection, nothing happens.  In some cases, if there is a button located on the page directly behind the drop-down menu selection, it will instead select the button in the background, as if the drop down selection did not exist in the foreground at all. 

This only affects some drop down menu's in some web applications, not all.  We did not see the issue until version 1903.


-Murman, as for the double windows, I have found at my organization, that this issue can be resolved by adjusting the DPI settings on the workspace app client.  When we have double window issues, we have been able to resolve them by selecting  not to scale and instead use the native resolution, or by selecting yes to scale the session for high resolution.  It seems that we run into the problem only when the operating system scales the session resolution.  


To note, this issue also only appears for us if users have multiple displays connected to their computer.

You may want to check the DPI settings on the machine to ensure that all displays are set to the same DPI.  

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