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How to keep appdata\roaming\citrix in upm profile

Salim Hurjuk


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3 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Are you redirecting AppData? Can you turn off AppData folder redirection?


Yes. I am Redirecting AppData\Roaming with Folder Redirection Policy.

@Carl @James I want to keep Appdata\Roaming\Citrix Folder in Folder Redirection Store. 

I have enabled Outlook Native Search in Citrix UPM. - I have Observed when Folder Redirection for Appdata\Roaming is enabled.
OutlookSearch VHDX access path is removed from Change Drive Letter and Paths. 

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8 hours ago, Salim Hurjuk said:

@Carl @James I want to keep Appdata\Roaming\Citrix Folder in Folder Redirection Store.

Is there a good reason for this? These days, this is a massive performance killer and not a great practice anymore...better to grab what you need within UPM and avoid the hit of full AppData\Roaming redirection


9 hours ago, Salim Hurjuk said:

OutlookSearch VHDX access path is removed from Change Drive Letter and Paths.

I am not sure what you are referring to here exactly?

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We had the same problem with appdata\roaming.

The problem can be fixed by entering "Exclusion list - directories" in the policy "AppData\Roaming".  This is how the complete redirect of appdata works via the policy and ProfileManagement attach  the Outlook containers correctly.

All we have is the problem that some mailboxes suddenly stop searching. It seems the search index is corrupt. Currently, the only solution is unfortunately that I delete both VHDX files of the user and after a new logon Outlook cached the data again. Unfortunately, several users are affected daily. However, only the users who are heavily using the search in Outlook notice it.


Is there a way to repair the index per user?

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Our favorite Profile is UserProfilDisk. But with this solution we can't have the feature for outlook search roaming.

I tried to have both. But the Citrix profilemanagement take ownership of the profil and I have but side effects in the original profile disk.


Is there a way to configure the profilemangement only do the outlook search roaming. I need only the injection of the two vhdx files for outlook and of course the connect to the searchindexer. But when configure to use the local profil when exists profilmanagement do nothing else.


Will Citrix provide a solution for that? Or is the only why to use fslogix and pay for it?

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