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Error printing in print queues created using Citrix USB redirection policy.

Sourav Chakraborty


We use Citrix 7.15 CU2 LTSR – Xen Desktop. We redirect the printers in generic mode because we want to use universal drivers installed on the VM and not the drivers installed on the client machine.
To apply this configuration, we modified the policies below. For used printer in generic mode you must modify 2 policies. First, you will need to allow Citrix to use devices directly through USB port.

Then, you can connect to the VM with Citrix Receiver. On the top of the Citrix Session window, you have an ribbon, you can use the Devices Button for connect your Printers.


Citrix Policies used: 

a. Client USB device redirection (Allowed)

b. Client printer redirection (Prohibited)

With this configuration, we have the problem that from Windows Server 2016 virtual machine we cannot use the printer because it fails with the error below : Error printing.

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