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Outlook Indexing - Advanced Search - No Search Results

Andreas Daneville


Hello and Good Morning,

I have a customer with a Citrix Environment v1808.2 that is under implementation, and is now in Test Phase.

They are running Server 2016, O365 32bit environment.


Brief overview of settings:

Outlook Indexing is enabled in Citrix Policies.

Cache Exchange mode is enabled via GPO.

Windows Search Service is enabled in the image itself, and thus, for the users as well.



From the standard 'Inbox' tab we are able to do searches, and get results.

The VHD folder in the User Profile has been created, with both of the .vhdx files.

Permissions are correct as well.


Problem Overview:

Everything seems fine, until users who prefer to utilize Outlook Advanced Search attempt to use this feature. 

The search brings 0 search results.

I have been all over the internet and looking for info, but seems scarce to find.

Most point to 'rebuilding' the index through the Outlook settings (File | Settings | Search | Settings for Indexing) from within the user session... I can see that it does index the contents of the mailbox, but the results do not change the fact that Advanced Search does not return search results.


Another option was to click the 'Search' tab at the top of Outlook

Here are the Search Tools, and in the submenu 'Indexing Status'

Once clicked it attempts to check the status of the Indexing, however never moves away from '0' - which seems broken.


Is this an issue related to the Outlook Indexing?
Have others Experienced this, or am I alone haha.

Any info would help, and I would be most grateful.



Advanced Search.png

Indexing Rebuild Complete.png

Simple Search.png

Status of Indexing.png

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