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App-V 'User mode' Publishing not compatible with UPM Profile Streaming

Greg Hunter1709157234


I have been working on implementing a app-v into a client environment using the following setup:


App-v – Full Infrastructure mode with SCS

XenApp 7.15 LTSR – Hosted Desktops - 'Desktops' only, no published apps

PVS 7.15

WEM 4.7


We are only using ‘Desktop’ Delivery Controllers and do not require published applications. Due to this, we are delivering app-v applications through the native app-v launcher in 'User mode' (pulled from the app-v publishing server) as it gives a seamless, quick  experience when opening app-v apps.


Everything was working as expected until I discovered ‘UserLogonRefresh’ is not compatible with Profile Streaming in Citrix Profile management which has really thrown a spanner in the works as we were relaying on these two features.



We are currently looking at workarounds which do not involve publishing 'Globally', as I believe this will ultimately rely on a third part tools to limit access to those ]who need it.


To assist with the matter, can somebody please clarify the following:


(1) Is ‘UserLogonRefresh’ initiated by the appv group policy setting ‘User Publishing Refresh on Logon’ as shown here:



(2) What harm is done when  ‘UserLogonRefresh’ is used in conjunction with Profile Streaming? In our testing we have so far not seen any negative side affects.


(3) Is ‘UserLogonRefresh’ the same as performing ‘Sync-AppvPublishingServer’ ?


(4) Is the VDA refresh, as documented in FAQ 6 in the following link, the same as ‘UserLogonRefresh’ and if not, is it compatible with Profile Streaming?



Any hep would be much appreciated. I have looked around the forums but struggling to find the answers.




many thanks

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The quiick answer from Microsoft is:

The expectation in a stateful environment is that a UPM solution is implemented and can support persistence of user data across sessions and between logins.
The requirements for the UPM solution are as follows.

To enable an optimized login experience, for example the App-V approach for the user, the solution must be capable of:
•Persisting the below user integrations as part of the user profile/persona.
•Triggering a user profile sync on login (or application start), which can GUARANTEE that all user integrations are applied before publishing/refresh begin, or,


So with Profile streaming enabled, you cannot GUARANTEE that all the profile will be in place

You could try playing around with 'Profile Streaming Exclusion list - directories policy' - so that the relevant directories are not streamed (i.e. loaded at logon)


And just questioning why you are using profile streaming? Too many people turn it on as a 'magic bullet' to cover up slow logons due to  the massive user profile size which is frequently a result of not excluding AppData\Local, instead of  just including required subfolders of AppData\Local

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