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App Layering - user layers DR

david brown1709155931


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Hi Dave,

No it will only try to connect to the first.You could  try to use a dfs namespace with a clustered share but there will be lots of replication traffic from user layers if you try to replicate the user layers.  Most customers use just vms without user layer for DR. They dont expect to be on it for long.  But you eill want to use clustered storage locally. 



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Thinking more about your design.  Assuming you really mean DR and its in a separate site you could use a separate  ELM for DR and point the user layers to a different group when the machine is in the Dr site.  Then use import export to replicate the layers.


You could even just modify the json file in DR to point to a different user group.  I dont have access to a system now to look up which file it is.  But that woudlnt be that hard either.


If you really mean local recovery in the same site that wont work.

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