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Unidesk 2.10 EOL

Brandon Cleland


I know version 2.10 is EOL at the end of the month. Appears there is still a pocket of users out there still. Wondering if there are plans to extend support. Also curious if anyone has deployed a stable/speedy NP Windows 10 OS?


We just started looking at the latest 1812 release. Curious how App Layering ties into View Composer to create DT's and attach layers? At this time we use NP desktops in our Labs. Just reading the user layers for these types of DT's could we get away creating a default user profile for these types of use cases?



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For extended Support for Unidesk Legacy Versions 2.x/3.x beyond the EOL Date of 12/31/18:    

We are strongly encouraging all of our customers to have begun their migration efforts to a new App Layering system in order to accommodate this timeline.  However, we are aware that not everyone will be able to be completely switched over by that date so we will be allowing our legacy Unidesk customers with an existing, valid Support Entitlement for App Layering to create support cases beyond EOL of 12/31/18 on a limited basis.


Beyond 12/31/18 customers using Unidesk Versions 2 and 3 will be allowed to create cases through the end of Q2 2019, with the following caveats:


1.    Monday – Friday only
2.    9a – 5p ET
3.    No Sev 1’s
4.    No engineering support


This is not an additional paid offering, it is an opportunity for our legacy customers to have the time they may need to complete their migration efforts.    Any efforts to create a case for Unidesk Versions 2 or 3 will be denied beyond July 1, 2019.

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Even if someone were to sell you new licenses, we no longer have a way to deliver them.  The old licensing infrastructure at unidesk.com is gone, and we don't have an internal license generator either.  As of 2.10.3, all licensing restrictions were removed from the product, so if you feel like upgrading, then you would be have no desktop limits anymore.  If you don't want to upgrade, contact Tech Support and we can help effectively remove the licensing limitations on your existing version.

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