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Opening Microsoft office apps, office files, PDFs, clicking on the Windows start button slow to respond or lag

Leanne Oliver


Putting out the feelers as we aren't getting anywhere at the moment.

3 physical servers with Server 2012 R2 installed, VDA version 7.15 installed.

Just over a week ago, users reported opening MS Word & Excel were slow to open. PDFs were slow to open. Browsing network shares were slow to show up.

Users who do not use Citrix, i.e. all their work runs off their computer do not experience this issue whether it is Microsoft apps, PDFs etc.

When users first login to the affected server/s they see a black screen for up to 30 secs and then their normal desktop appears.

No report of problems first thing in the morning, e.g. less than 10 sessions. As it hits peak login time and thereafter, the complaints start.

Servers been running fine all year. Had some dramas with Webroot earlier in the year but that has settled down.

Event logs show no unusual activity.


What we did so far:

Rebooted all servers initially. 

Stop unnecessary add-ins from loading.

Deleted user profiles off the server. 
Removed and reinstalled Microsoft office on all 3 affected servers. 
Reimaged the servers from backup prior to the problem surfacing.

As a test, today (13/12/18)  I limited 6 users on one of the servers that was problematic yesterday. No dramas experienced.

Monitoring Physical disk activity (% idle time & Avg. disk sec/Write counters) and comparing btw the servers - servers are showing normal disk activity.

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