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Trends data Lost from Director

Arturas Radzys


Hi Guys,


not sure why but I lost historical data from trend Menu in citrix Director.


Running 7.15 LTSR CU2


Here is my monitor configuration that was set a hear ago


PS C:\Users\{user}> Get-MonitorConfiguration

Key                                           Value
---                                           -----
CollectHotfixDataEnabled                      True
DataCollectionEnabled                         True
DetailedSqlOutputEnabled                      False
EnableDayLevelGranularityProcessUtilization   False
EnableHourLevelGranularityProcessUtilization  False
EnableMinLevelGranularityProcessUtilization   False
FullPollStartHour                             0
GroomApplicationErrorsRetentionDays           1
GroomApplicationFaultsRetentionDays           1
GroomApplicationInstanceRetentionDays         365
GroomDeletedRetentionDays                     365
GroomFailuresRetentionDays                    365
GroomHourlyRetentionDays                      32
GroomLoadIndexesRetentionDays                 365
GroomMachineHotfixLogRetentionDays            365
GroomMachineMetricDataRetentionDays           3
GroomMachineMetricDaySummaryDataRetentionDays 90
GroomMinuteRetentionDays                      7
GroomNotificationLogRetentionDays             365
GroomProcessUsageDayDataRetentionDays         90
GroomProcessUsageHourDataRetentionDays        90
GroomProcessUsageMinuteDataRetentionDays      7
GroomProcessUsageRawDataRetentionDays         3
GroomResourceUsageDayDataRetentionDays        365
GroomResourceUsageHourDataRetentionDays       90
GroomResourceUsageMinuteDataRetentionDays     30
GroomResourceUsageRawDataRetentionDays        3
GroomSessionMetricsDataRetentionDays          30
GroomSessionsRetentionDays                    365
GroomSummariesRetentionDays                   365
MonitorQueryTimeoutSeconds                    300
ResolutionPollTimeHours                       2
SyncPollTimeHours                             1

Anyone tried to insert data back from database backup? DB was not split after creation of site so I have logging, monitoring and site DB in one place ( this was inherited)


I wander what are the table names I could use



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We had the same issue. All Historical Citrix Director Monitoring data went missing/got lost.
Open a case with Citrix, they confirmed in the SQL database that the data indeed was gone.
No suggestions to why. Case closed.
Will look into the SQL backup and suggestion from Arturas.


Was running 7.15 LTSR CU2, have now upgraded to CU3, hopefully it will not happen again.

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