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How to control iOS updates in XenMobile 10.8 / 10.9 on prem

Brad Henning


We have XenMobile 10.8 (prod) and 10.9 (test) on prem.   From what I understand, the cloud version of XenMobile offers a bit more control than the on prem version when it comes to iOS updates.  As we wait for Citrix to make the functionality to the on prem users...a couple of work arounds were found (custom restrictions payload from Apple Configurator with the 90 day delay setting).  I think I can make it work for the time being with proper planning / organization, but one thing I cannot wrap my head around is how we can schedule the actual installation or of the OS update.  Has anyone had success using XenMobile to control the iOS updates with success...including scheduling the day / time that an OS is installed?  


Please share how you handle the OS update process.  This has become a hot topic in our company after iOS 12.1 broke all video conferencing for a 3rd party app.  



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We are currently on-prem with 10.8 but are in the process of migrating to their Cloud product, Citrix Endpoint Management. The feature parity between Cloud and on-prem is very noticeable, and it should be expected that it will take anywhere from six months to a year before Cloud features become available on-prem (if at all). There are certain features that on-prem can't support such as Intune integration or Remote Support, which used to be with AetherPal until they got bought by VMware. But the differences are becoming to where they might as well be two different products.


Here is what the OS Update Policy looks like in the Cloud Endpoint Management system (see screenshot). You can see where they added an option to lock the update to a specific version. To find out if/when on-prem is getting this you will need to ask your Account Manager. Do note that this morning a second Preview was released for on-prem XenMobile 10.10. I haven't uploaded it yet to check if it has these updates. Hope this helps.


EDIT: I updated our DEV environment to XenMobile on-prem 10.10 Preview 2 and it doesn't have the OS Update Policy changes :(



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