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UPM - ProcessLogoff: GetSessionKey failed - Profile settings not saved

Nils Andreas Myhre


VDA: 7.18.18069


OS: Windows Server 2016 1607


I have been battling a very anoying issue with UPM for the last week. I believed that I solved it multiple times, but this is a persistent devil.


This is a new environment - I have a couple of other WS2016 environments that I have been unable to reproduce this issue with. They all run the same VDA/UPM/OS combination. Reference environments are not in production, yet. So this issue might pop up there once they are. All environments use the same common file server for storing UPM profiles. UPM config log is attached.

There is antivirus on the fileserver and on VDA. But the profile path on the fileserver is excluded from realtime scan.


Users complained about settings not getting saved. My initial suspicion was the the profile was not loading, but the logon process looks ok to me, aside from some random errors.


ResetSecurityForIE_AC: target file C:\Users\315testnam\Appdata\Local\Packages\windows_ie_ac_001\ac does not exist
ResetSecurityForRS1StartMenu: target file C:\Users\315testnam\Appdata\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\ac does not exist

ProcessLogon: Updating Perfmon Logon Counters failed.

JIT thread terminating due to service shutdown. Profile Streaming is in use and the user may have problems accessing some files.


When logging out affected users log this in UPM log:


2018-12-07;07:54:18.389;INFORMATION;;;4;11004;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Starting logoff processing...
2018-12-07;07:54:18.390;INFORMATION;;;4;11004;IsRunningInTerminalServerSession: Terminal services installed.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.390;INFORMATION;;;4;11004;IsRunningInTerminalServerSession: Console session.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.390;INFORMATION;;;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;DispatchLogonLogoff: UserSID = S-1-5-21-844779677-1308357898-3045662877-2476
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ExcludedGroups
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;CheckUserExistsInGroup: No Entries Found In ProcessedGroups
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;CheckIfUserNeedsToBeProcessed: Logon/logoff will be processed.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.391;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.393;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;SessionCount::RealTimeCount - User: 315hok, Domain: SYSCLOUD, Session Count: 0.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.393;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStart: Successfully impersonated a client.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.393;INFORMATION;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ImpersonateClientStop: Successfully stopped client impersonation.
2018-12-07;07:54:18.394;WARNING;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;ProcessLogoff: GetSessionKey failed. This was probably caused by logging on while the service was stopped. Aborting...
2018-12-07;07:54:18.394;ERROR;SYSCLOUD;315hok;4;11004;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logoff processing with errors in : <0.00>.



I realize that the usual suspect is security software - But running without AV is not at solution. I'm stuck :/ can somebody give their two cents on this issue?

I have configured antivirus according to: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127030





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