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Powershell Script to Auto assign users to unassigned VDI machine

Ciri Liaw


Hi Expert,


I am looking for some direction and guidance for this Powershell script I wrote. Basically I want to take a list of users from simple txt file and then run the script and have it auto assign unassigned VDI on mentioned delivery groups.


This scripts works but if I put 2 or more users, it auto assign single VDI machine to all the users based on the txt file where as I want single user single machine assignment for each users on the list.


$ReportFile = "D:\Temp\Output\AssignmentResult.txt"

Remove-item $ReportFile -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$UserFile = "D:\Temp\Userlist.txt"

$ThisSTR = "Username ------ Assigned?"

Add-Content $ReportFile $ThisSTR

asnp Citrix.*

$machines = Get-BrokerMachine -desktopgroupname "Win10 Desktops" -filter { IsAssigned -eq $false } -Summarystate available -MaxrecordCount 1000


foreach ($User in Get-Content $UserFile)



    $IsUpdated = "No"


    if ($machines.associatedusernames -eq $null)


        Add-BrokerUser $User -Machine $machines[$i]



IF ($Error.count -eq 0)


$IsUpdated = "Yes"




    $ThisSTR = $User+","+$IsUpdated

    Add-Content $ReportFile $ThisSTR




Any help appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance.

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