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Disable user login before reboot schedule starts in XenApp 7.15

Harpreet Singh1709160425


I have created a reboot schedule for my XenApp 7.15 servers using the New-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 powershell cmdlets. There are multiple servers and I have tagged them in the group as per the day/time they need to reboot. The script is working and everything seems ok. But there is another requirement of disabling the login to these servers 60 mins prior to the time when reboot starts. The users shall not be able to login to the servers at all.


I dont see any parameter in the New-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 cmdlets which let me do this. I am not sure if I have missed this. I also checked around and found that there LogonMode available which i can use for this. For example -ProhibitNewLogOnsUntilRestart. I think it is only for 7.6 and not sure how can i use in 7.15.  


Can anyone please help me with this.

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Hi Harpreet,


Could you not have a short bit of Powershell that puts the needed servers into Maintenance Mode run 60 minutes before your reboot script? 


or maybe you could change your current script to put the desktops into MM and then use a start-sleep (for 60 minutes in this case) until you want the reboot to run?  






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Forget all the *-BrokerRebootSchedule/V2 cmdlets. They are just broken replacements for what worked perfectly in XenApp 6.5 using Scheduling Load Evalutors. Better write your own script then rely on those flaky workarounds. Otherwise you'll end up in debugging week after week to find out why again some system hasn't been rebooted.


If someone from Citrix reads this. Please give us back the scheduling load evaluator. It's so unnecessarily complicated or even impossible with those cmdlets to achieve something like this and this is exactly what is required by the businesses.



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