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Elastic Layers - Virtual Disk Service Stopping

Sara Smith


I have setup an image to use elastic layers, the elastic layers all work but at random the virtual disk service will stop and I will lose all of my elastic layers. We are seeing paging operation errors and disks being retired in the event log. I have moved storage and have tried the image without antivirus and there hasn't been any change.  I have attached everything that I have on the issues. I am hoping that someone else has seen this issue.


We are using ELM version

Server 2016







Unidesk Reg Keys.REG


Applayering error.PNG

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You should probably open a proper Support case instead of trying to do this in the forums.  But here's the first few things we'll tell you to do:


1. Publish just the OS layer, eliminating all other layers including the platform layer, straight to the hypervisor.  You'll need to manually join the domain of course.

2. Try putting the machine and the user account in an OU with no policies, with inheritance blocked.

3. Publish with Elastic Layering set to None, but when you're logged in, use Disk Manager to attach the Elastic Layer VHD files (Read Only), and see how they behave over time.


I think the most important thing here is that EL does not intercept your I/O at all.  All we do is intercept File Open calls and point them to a specific disk.  (We also intercept directory listings and get-free-space and a few other things.)  The actual disk operations are still completely run by Windows.  So if you have disk subsystem stability problems, our drivers aren't causing it.  That's what #3 is about: turn off the layering functions and just see what your image does with external VHDs are attached normally. 


The only thing we're guilty of here is assembling the Windows image out of the pieces you specified.  So the first thing we want to do is see if eliminating some of those pieces fixes the problem.  AD GPOs are also part of the mix, so that's also something we want to test eliminating.  And although you don't specify what your provisioning system is, part of #1 is about eliminating that too.  Publish straight to the hypervisor.



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did you ever get a resolution for this? we are seeing the exact same behaviour. We have a support case open but after a couple of days nothing seems to be forth coming.


This happens on a VM with no AV, and there are defiantly no background processes (Backup etc) running.


We will keep pushing support, but i'm no confident of a timely resolution based on our communications so far.



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