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Citrix issues on user account with admin permissions

Lukasz Kovalski


Hello guys. Today after a windows 10 system reinstall I have encountered an issue I have never had before and also couldn't find reasonable solution on the internet.

What happened first were problem with installing ANY citrix version on my local user account which is my main account and is added to administrators group. Executable files were downloaded but nothing happened after double click on them regardless if it was with "run as an administrator" or not. I checked registry entries accordingly with some internet advices but I didn't make a single change as they didn't seem to be the core problem. What I have found out is I can install CITRIX Workspace app with WINDOWS STORE app and there it went smoothly and I was happy perhaps I can connect with my VM. 

Right after that I tried to access my company's desktop but it failed with following errors:
- "Failed to set Event Logging"
- "The connection to "<VM name>" failed with status (Unknown client error 0)."

I tried to connect many times using different internet browsers, checked security options, added an exceptions in my bitdefender but nothing helped.
Next thing I've done was activating hidden administrator account with commant prompt "net user administrator /active:yes", now imagine how surprised I was when everything went without a single shadow of a problem with launching anything as intended.
It seems like there is a difference between those accounts that does not allow me to execute some actions but this is strange as both accounts have same permissions and belong to the same admins group.

If anybody had same issue or have suggestions how can I make this work I would be more than grateful.


All best.

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