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Citrix 7.18 Clipboard is not pasting files (only text)

Gal Sela1709159766




I have a newly installed Citrix 7.18.

There is a sever 2016 Catalog that deliver desktops.

When I try to copy past files  from client to session I see the pointer becomes to be a circle for less than half a sec and nothing is happening other than that.

There are no issues copied pasting text.


1. Any clue why is it happening, how to fix this?


Thanks a lot.

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11 hours ago, Pavan nannapaneni1709152483 said:

take a look at the ctx article and its unsupported.




you can use auto-create client drives and then should be able to copy/paste files.


Hello Pavan,


Thx for the reply, eveything stated in the above article seems be applied in my installation.

it has to be about the ICA/HDX some how since if i connect though RDP everything works fine.


I have no clue what to do next, maybe i will give Citrix a call :)



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