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Issue with Citrix Receiver with multiple monitors on Workstation

De Paolis Sandro


Hi all,

I have a desktop computer at work with 6 monitors. As soon as I log into my remote desktop from home on one monitor, all open windows will collapse into one. Now when I am back at work and log in, the monitors are completely messed up, i.e. they are in an other order, so that I cannot move the mouse around my monitors like I used to do before. To fix this I need always to go to desktop > preferences and drag & drop the monitors to the right place. Is there any solution in order to make citrix not mess up all my monitors after logging into my desktop pc?


Many thanks for your help!


Operating system is: Windows 10

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On 11/28/2018 at 3:57 AM, Pavan nannapaneni1709152483 said:

what version of Citrix receiver? if LTSR can you upgrade to 4.9 cu4 OR 4.12.

This issue happened on 4.9 cu4 with Win10. Issue was resolved by upgrading to 4.9 cu5 (cu6 is the latest) or CWA 18.12 or newer.



Update: Just got some info that CR CU5 & CU6 is not working, but CWA 18.12 is resolving the issue.


Opening a case to confirm fix is included in the LTSR code. 



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