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On 11/21/2018 at 11:11 AM, JUERGEN BLESSING said:

When will it be available? We have paying customers who will migrate to SLES 15 soon...


2 years and no change. I think Citrix was in the past 2 years busy with restricting their licenses and moving more and more previously free services into paid plans. Please have understanding that for real problems there is not enough time! How can you dare to ask a question like this?


I have posted this issue in the SUSE forum as it's really a very strange issue and it's 100% reproducible. I am not sure if this may be a very rare situation where Citrix is failing as it's officially not supporting SLES 15.1 in 8.2.0.


According to this 8.2.0 PDF document [page #8] only SLES 12.5 has been added to the list of supported guest operating systems. SLES 12.5 was released 17 months later [Dec 2019] than SLES 15.0 [July 2018]. In other words, SLES 15.0 was released 2 years before 8.2 [June 2020] and I am already now curious what the reasons are that Citrix isn't capable to add SLES 15.x after two years to the list of supported guest operating system. VMware and Hyper-V do support it.


I expect SUSE - if they answer - will reply that I am running a VM on a host which doesn't support the running SLES version and Citrix - if they reply - will inform me that SLES 15.1 isn't in the supported list.

I know this guys, but, after 2 years, don't you think it's time you finally support SLES 15.x?

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I have running SLES 12.5, SLES 15, SLES15.1 and OpenSUSE 15.1 on Citix Hypervisor 7.6, 8.0 and 8.1


We are using always the templayte from SLES12.3 or if there is something newer available.

Havent tested SLES15.2 and Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 yet, because we still have som SLES11 around. But thats our next step.


The problem we faced in those days was a missing template when Citrix moved from PV to HVM on SLES as well. After this was available, we could run the VM guest fine

IIRC, there was a workaround how to start/install the SLES12 / SLES15 even with versions below 7.6, it did the job on XEN server 7.1 already.


I agree that the template could be updated in a faster manner and in a much better time frame.


Beside of that, as I stated, it runs absolutely perfect and stable for us.


Ok, I see, you are referring to SLES 15.2 - I did not read your post in SLES forum. Did you open an Incident with SUSE?



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I read the Post in the SLES forum
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