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MacOS / Safari 12 stuck at loading your apps

Ken Donaberger1709160041


We have an issue where MacOS users with Safari 12 can't access our NSG site. The users get to the login page, enter their username/pass/token and click login and it will just stay on "Loading your apps" and never gets to the apps. If the user goes in to developer options and sets the browser to appear as Chrome or Firefox, it works fine. To that, Chrome and Firefox work fine alone as well.


Users with Safari 11 don't have an issue.


Any ideas?

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I have exactly the same issue and wondered whether you have found a resolution?


The safari 12 fix to the web.config works perfectly internally (without going through NS) but externally (going through NS) we get the same ‘loading apps’ hang.  


I think the theory of a ‘space’ after Macintosh is a red herring. All this does is prevent the receiver launcher pop up, which is the point of the line in the first place. 


Thanks in in advance for any update



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