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Boot time Windows 10 + PVS Accelerator

Robert Madrian




in our Environment the Windows 10 (1803 8GB RAM + 4 vCPU) XenDesktop 7.15 CU3 + PVS 7.15 CU3 + PVS Accelerator on HP BLC460C G8 (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v2 @ 3.30GHz)

needs up to 3-4 Minutes to boot until the VM is ready (Virtualizationstate: Management Agent installed)… - the running perfomance after logon is good...

a lot of time (10-30sec) I can see "Devices are made ready for use"...


is this normal (good or worse boot time)?



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I have optimized the master as good as it might be possible:


- removed all store apps (exept Edge) with Windows 10 Decrapifier https://community.spiceworks.com/scripts/show/4378-windows-10-decrapifier-1803-1809 
- run Citrix Optimizer
- use Citrix WEM


what's interesting is the fact that windows 10 needs 1-2 Minutes in the state "Devices are made ready for use"...


Summing up it need between 4-6 Minutes until the VM is ready for use with XenDesktop




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I have seen the same thing with MCS so I think it is mainly a Windows 10 thing.  


Also where are you putting the PVS accelerator cache?  Is that going to disk as well or host memory?  We were lucky and were able to allocate 32 GB of memory per host.  


Also if you can afford it, I would move the cache disk to the SSD tier.  Windows 10 performs a LOT more IO than Windows 7 ever did.

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I have moved the Cache Disk D: to local SSD Storage but the speed improvement is not significant.
It is very hard to find out which component/service is slow or need a lot of time to start or is this a network or PVS or Win 10 issue…
 if windows 10 is started all works ok and is relatively fast but I think it could be faster ;-)



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The Boot time is now between 3-6 Minutes - the logon time differs between 30 and 60 seconds and there the most time in XenDirector is in the Interactive Session part - GPO needs betwenn 5-10 seconds but Interactive Session up to 50 second especially for the first time at logon after I change the master - then after second logon the logon is between 30 and 40 seconds..


For me it is not clear what's going on in the back - I want to know which process needs the time but this is not possible to find out with standard Konfiguration (XenDesktop Enterprise)

and I have no comparison to other systems...




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Removing areas such as GPOS etc... and other non citrix components that can be contributing to slow logins, you should look into the version of vda installed on the image. Try a few older version vda and let me know if that improves your login time.

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