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WEM 1808 Delete Agent Records

Tony Flanagan


I am new to WEM (v1808) and trialing it for possible use in my new Citrix site. I've added a couple of W2016 agents into the default configuration set by adding an AD OU and installing the agent on the VDA.


I would like to do a couple of things that have cropped up.


One is to delete an agent record for a server (delete record appears greyed out when you right click the agent).


The other other is to move an agent from the original config set into a newly added set that I've exported the settings/actions from and make that config set the agents running config set for use.


I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks,

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Hi tflanag44,  Did you ever get an answer on how to remove or delete an old our invalid Agent Registration?  I'm on v1808 of WEM and have an old Agent I want to remove that no longer exist, but can't find a way to remove it.  A few others have asked the question, but no one's answered it.


Any help is appreciated,




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