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Cleanup ELM Layer Work Disk

Mike Athalone



I have seen documents that speak to expanding the layer work disk on the ELM server. My question, is it possible to cleanup the contents of the layer work disk? Or is this performed automatically as I remove layers that are no longer required? I would think that removing OS layers that are no longer required would provide more bang for the buck vs application layers. But it does not appear to be reducing (or at least not as much as I would expect).  If there is documentation that speaks to this, could you perhaps point me to it. Likely I missed it.


Thanks in advance for your reply. 



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Hi Mike,

Yes deleting layer versions will clear those versions out of the layer storage.  It should give you the space back right away.  However the layers are stored taking up just the space of the files.  For instance when i just deleted a 2012R2 OS layer version i got back 18 GB.


If you want to see what layers you have inside the ELM logon to the ELM as root.  The cd to /mnt/repository/Unidesk/Layers and then Apps or OS




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We always delete what we're done with, including deleting any old layer versions the moment you delete them from the Management Console.  We don't have a background cleanup task because file deletion like that is synchronous for us.


The repository disk is mounted on /mnt/repository.  The layers are stored in /mnt/repository/Unidesk/Layers, ad they are all named for their internal layer IDs.  There's no simple map for layer IDs for you to read, however. 


Any other folders should generally be empty unless you're editing or publishing at the moment you look.  For instance, I have rarely seen "Packaging Disks" contain disks that somehow did not get deleted.  If you think you have more space in use than you should, do an "ls -lR  /mnt/repository" and just look at what's there.  If you have no tasks running, then see if you have any files outside of the Layers subfolder.

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My ELM has 111,7 GB Free of 700gb according to the GUI but when i search for 10 biggest folder the result is 


251G    ./mnt/repository/Unidesk/Layers/App
99G     ./mnt/camsshare/mnt00000003/Unidesk/Layers/App
45G     ./mnt/repository/Unidesk/Layers/OS
570M    ./var/log/Unidesk
447M    ./usr/sbin
368M    ./usr/bin
223M    ./usr/lib64
191M    ./boot
189M    ./var/lib/rpm
185M    ./var/lib/mysql

So total size of OS/APP layers is ~300gb even with the camsshare folder whatever that is :) it still doesn't end up any suggestions how i can free up some space ?



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