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Enable Citrix UI after disconnect - black screen after disconnect

Jakob Eskildsen


So I am trying to set up a machine using an automation software.
The software I am using for the automation requires a UI to interact with. I can successfully keep the session running by disconnecting.


However, when i'm not connected the "screen" turn blank - as no UI is needed.

I cannot get it to keep the UI even though I'm disconnected. 


Any help is appreciated!

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Hi, you have asked this questions twice, maybe you can remove one.


If I get this right you try to setup a machine with Software and stuff while connecting through Citrix?

If so you normally should setup the machine with all Software and Stuff and install the VDA as the last step.

As example if you are using PVS you first create the Image with everything and then install the VDA and if you create a new Version for the Image you normally connect through the host or by RDP while editing.


If I got this wrong please describe your problem with more details.



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I’m new to Citrix so my knowledge might have some gaps.

I have an image for a machine with the required software.
When connecting with a specific user the session will always be started on a specific machine.

After connecting and starting the software I want to disconnect and keep the session on the machine. This works as it should.
However, the software requires a GUI it can interact with. When I disconnect the screen turn black/blank.
This is to keep the machine from using capacity on GUI when no user is connected.

What I want to do is disconnect from the session and still keep the GUI on this specific machine.

I hope this sheds some more light on my issue.

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Same problem here. We use test-automation software and we use robots to automate standard tasks and both need an active GUI (as they recognize the buttons and input fields on the screen). We build a Windows 10 VDI using App Layering, start te machine, login on the machine and start the test-automation software or the robot. Then disconnect and the software/robot should have a full GUI. However the VDI screen is returning a (black) lockscreen. Is there a way to disconnect from the VDI but keep the full GUI available (as is possible on an normal RDP connected desktop).


We now use physical desktops and connect to them via RDP. We want to replace those 150 rdp machines with Windows 10 VDI machines.


Please help.  TIA

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