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"OS missing" XenServer 5.6 sp2

Rizwan Hanif


I have 2 dell poweredge T410 with xenServer 5.6 SP2 installed. everRun availability software is also installed and configured over xenserver. The system contained only one VM of Microsoft server 2008 R2 with a critical application.
After a power break down, 1 server did not came up. I tried hard restart and it booted but stuck at XenServer console for a long time. I again hard restarted it and then found the deadly error "Operation System Missing"

Please help....

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Sounds like a hardware issue, but without booting its hard to say. Perhaps run Dell Diagnostics 

to make sure your hardware is okay. 5.6 isn't supported anymore so you're on your own by

and large. Be sure you have good VM backups. Sounds like a XenServer reinstall no matter 

how you go about it. I've never used everRUN, if you have support contracts through them

maybe they can help.   




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Thank you Sir. Alan for a response.

 Hardware tested & found fine. 

everRun is an availability suite and because of everRun the required VM with its application is working fine on second server. 

Unfortunately, all support contracts are expired a long ago.

What would you say about disk mirroring from working server?   

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If you have a XenServer 5.6 install disk you could reinstall it easy enough, I think even as far back as 

5.6 you can unselect the disk during installation to preserve the existing local SR data. I would be 

afraid to touch the working server.  Once you get XenServer to run then maybe you have the software

and expertise to get everRUN setup again. 




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I honestly don't know what those differences are. 

The ISO would be pre-hotfix. After you install the ISO

you will need to get the server to the same hotfix 

release as the original server. If you don't have those

that may be a big problem as you can't joint the 

exisiting working server pool unless the hotfix 

releases are the same. 




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Honestly, If I were you I would install either 7.6 for free or 7.1 LTSR with a license 

on the broken server and once it runs a couple of weeks or so problem free schedule

downtime and export/import the VM to this new release. Then upgrade the old one.

That would kill your everRun since it doesn't support these version (that I know of),

but 5.6 it totally not supported. You could also have the issue of 7.x releases can't

even run on your hardware so its good to run it a few weeks to make sure.






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