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MacOS 10.14.1 Citrix ICA Client is not Installed

Leo Lanzillo


Clean install of MacOS 10.14.1


Installed Citrix Receiver 12.9.1

Installed Workspace


Receiving Error Message: After running HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.6_for_OSX.dmg 


Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine requires the Citrix ICA Client to be installed beforehand.

Please install Citrix ICA Client first and then retry the installation.


Any ideas?

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Phew. I found out why this didn't work. -> File System Case Sensitivity. Which is optional on Mac. I was used to it from Linux and had a problem once because of it NOT being case sensitive (case "tolerant", they call it). So I thought it was a good idea to enable that checkbox. Turns out, it is almost never a good idea to check a non-default checkbox.


Anyhow, the problem can be worked around by fixing the installer, which currently relyes on the case-tolerant behavior:


~ pkgutil --expand /Volumes/HDXRealTimeMediaEngine/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg  Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg                                                  
~ mv Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg/Scripts/RTMEconfig  Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg/Scripts/RTMEConfig              
~ pkgutil --flatten Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine.pkg Downloads/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine_custom.pkg   
~ open Downloads/Install\ HDXRealTimeMediaEngine_custom.pkg






Citrix, pleast fix the installer to save the next customer the trouble of drilling down into to this.

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