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Script Error on Receiver\Workspace Launch

Trey Wessel

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Hello Everyone,


My users have recently started getting the following error. It happens on logon regardless of receiver or work space version. See attachment:


The error references _start.html, I've looked at the location referenced in the file and it errors on the following section of the file, in the beginning section it points to my storefront base URL. 





I get the error regardless of going through the NSGW or directly tot he storefront base URL so I have ruled out the ADC.



Has anyone see this error before, tier 1 citrix support has not. 




Deployment Info is below,m I;ve also attached the screenshot error, receiver logs and _start.html file that is being referenced 


NS 12.1 48.13


XenDestop 7.17

Receiver 4.X 

Work space 18.X




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- Couple Updates - 


This script error was popping up twice. I was able to reduce it to one by disabling Require Token Consistency on the store in question.


Additionally, To further pinpoint the issue I disabled the SSL requirement of receiver \ work space then directly pointed it to a storefront server (no the storefront base url) To totally remove the netscaler from the equation. Same issue.


I was originally told by Citrix that this is a network issue and consult my network team but im not seeing it. They have asked that I open a new ticket and request that it be sent to the storefront support team.

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