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Slow/Failed Login after Password Change - Caused by Credential Manager

Lucas Phelps


This problem started a couple of months ago.  


After users change their network password (Active Directory), launching XenApp applications starts failing as the process takes too long and hits some sort of Citrix timeout.  If we RDP directly to one of the XenApp servers (outside of Citrix) as that problematic user, the login process takes 5-10 minutes but it does complete successfully.  After this RDP process, then the user can launch Citrix apps normally and they open fairly quickly.


My IT counterparts have found it seems to be directly related to the Windows Credential Manager.    The problem exist with cached credentials located in the profile:



The only way to see these is to show hidden files and un-hide protected system files.  These files are created via the Windows Credential Manager Service.


Was hoping that we could simply disable this service and thus resolve the problem, however was uncertain what would break if we did so. So rather than pushing it out last night I did some testing. I disabled the service on 3 of the xen-app servers and then tested by logging into each one of them while changing my password in between. The good news is it resolved the long login time caused by password changes. Re-enabling the service caused the long log in time to return. However then I started to notice what it broke, Every time I logged in outlook thought I was new and I have to go through the setup process again. IE would not store passwords or remember usernames. I would imagine that I would find additional issues if I would have kept testing, but I had seen enough to know that simply disabling the service causes a lot of problems. Thus I re-enabled it and did NOT roll out the changes.


Any thoughts on what might be causing this or how to fix?

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Hi @Lucas Phelps,


Could you please check if your machines are missing any updates? please make sure that they are updated & also please download the latest compatible citrix receiver.

This seems to be a common issue from what I can see, there have been reference made in this link to find the root cause of the issue. You can also check the link to get a better understanding of the logon duration for your sessions. This will helps us troubleshoot better.


Please let me know if this helps.



Vikas Hiremath



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Hi @kcoeisom


Did you find a solution?


We upgraded from 7.12 to 7.15LTSR three months ago and have been resetting users' UPM profiles ever since. During the upgrade we also had to run Windows updates on the MCS master images + practically everything else Citrix, so I'm not absolutely sure which update to blame.


Today I found out that deleting files from \\server\ctxprofilesfolder\username\UPM_Profile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Credentials fixes this and then the user is able to launch applications without problems. Googled the path and found this topic.


Everything is WS2012 R2. We need to find a permanent fix for this. All help is greatly appreciated.






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Hi olackemann


Yes, the solution was to exclude that folder from UPM sync.

At first, check that your admx templates for Profile Management are up to date (the ctxprofile....admx file can be found on the installation media).


In your GPO controlling UPM, add exclusion for folder:


Computer Configuration - Policies - Administrative Templates - Citrix Components/Profile Management/File system:

Policy Setting: Exclusion list - directories: Enabled  
List of directories to exclude:
BTW we had to make a script to loop through the UPM profile folders and clean the AppData\Local\Microsoft\Credentials folder in each profile, because excluding the folder will not clear what has been stored there prior to setting the exclusion policy (and the users would still experience the launch hangup after changing password).








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